So the 'about' of me is pretty basic, I'm a 21 year old mummy to a fabulous baby girl who arrived 13 weeks early. After a long journey through the Neonatal Unit we are finally out and able to live life as a proper family.

I have always wanted to blog, I enjoy posting Instagram pictures, viewing other peoples blogs and things like that. I started a fashion and beauty blog and really enjoyed designing it, sorting out the layout, and planning my posts. My blog never took off. I wasn't dedicated to posting routinely and couldn't always find inspiration for regular posts so it slowly fizzled out and died. After becoming a mum I decided I wanted to get back into it and as my story is not your average one, I felt it was useful to make a blog about it for other mums who have experienced the same.

 When Aria was born at 27 weeks gestation I was told she wouldn't be able to cry, and that was hard hitting for me. When you imagine a baby you imagine screams and crying, right? To have that idea taken away from me was upsetting. Whilst Aria was in her incubator at the very early days of life, she would occasionally let out a little whinge, and that meant the world to me. From there on out whenever I went to sit with my baby girl, I would greet her by saying 'Hey Whinge'. Thus the name and niche of my blog was found and the rest, as they say, is history. 



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