Self Care For The Sh*tty Days

'Today you are you,
That is truer than true.
There is no one alive,
Who is youer than you.'

'Oh, the Places You'll Go!' by Dr Seuss is possibly the greatest book ever written. It's so meaningful and makes me and many other mums, especially preemie mums, sob our hearts out. I've been thinking a lot about this book and all of Dr Seuss quotes to be honest and about how incredibly motivational they all are - because they really are! I've really took to this quote and realised that I am me, and there's no one else who can be more me but me, but recently (as I've said in my previous post) I've not felt much like me. I've felt as if I'm waiting for the next feed, waiting for the next nap, waiting for the next episode, always waiting for next and never appreciating now. I've tried mindfulness, I've tried yoga, meditation and all the other things suggested but I just cannot switch off; that's if I'm lucky enough to get peace and quiet to actually try those things in the first place.
'You have brains in your head,
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself,
Any direction you choose.'

So with that brain in my head I've decided to make simple changes to my life in preparation for a new season to aid in being and feeling more... me. Now this list can look incredibly daunting, especially when it is a particularly sh*tty day and you're just not feeling it. But trust me, I felt the same but when you actually read them and try them or even think about trying them you see they're all simple and have a great impact on your mood. Obviously some of them wont apply or work for you, some don't always work for me, but I'm not saying go and do all 50 right now. I'm saying it's like an online self help box and you can save it and just pop back anytime to use it!

1. Have a hot drink
Makes you all warm like a cuddle.
2. Eat something sweet
Don't over think it, just have a treat for no reason.
3. Watch a movie
Romance, Comedy, Horror, Disney, whatever you like.
4. Sing
Sing loud, sing proud, who cares if you're tone deaf?
5. Dance
Like no one is watching - cause they aren't!
6. Doodle
Jot down things you like and draw pictures, draw whats on your mind, you never know it might be good.
7. Phone a friend
(I phone my mum) and just chat or rant or hear someones voice. 
8. Cuddle
Hugging releases Oxytocin into your blood which reduces stress and anxiety. 
9. Plan things
Holidays, days out, nights out, projects, decorating, a tattoo, they might never happen but who cares? 
10. Make lists
To do lists, shopping lists, appointment lists, whatever is jumbling your head, organize it in a list!

11. Pinterest
Make a board and save any ideas for anything you like, any tips, makeup styles, outfits, anything.
12. Make your bed
Most of us put off doing it (guilty) but it makes you feel really productive.
13. Get a bath
I hardly ever get time for this but it's one of the best feelings, a nice hot bubble bath.
14. Get dressed
Harder than it sounds on the really bad days but again you feel really productive (even if it's just into comfy clothes). 
15. Have a PJ day
Alternatively, if it's a really hard day a PJ day can be just what the doctor ordered.
16. Breathe
Taking 3, deep, slow, breaths can change your whole outlook on a situation.
17. Light candles 
Scented or not they have a certain calming feel about them. 
18. Look at old photos
The cringey ones from 2007 are the best to give you a giggle.
19. Do the washing
Even just throwing on one wash of clothes, it makes a difference (I know it's hard, I honestly put this one off a lot).
20. Take new photos
Maybe you've got something you'd like to showcase, throw it on a nice background and there's a pretty instagram photo.

21. Scream
Screaming into a pillow can prevent murder. Fact. 
22. Put up pictures
I've started filling my picture frames and making a frame wall, makes a house a home.
23. Sort out your clothes (or your baby's clothes) 
Throw out old, damaged or outgrown clothes, or put them away for future babies, just get them out the room!
24. Lie down
Even just to look at the ceiling, just be horizontal for a while. 
25. Nap
A nap is like a mini reset on the day (if you can't fall asleep blink really fast for a few minutes).
26. Build a den
Den building is not just for children. I turned Aria's play mat into a den and it was the best hour us 3 had in some time!
27. Read
I read 'Oh the places you'll go!' (incase you couldn't tell) and sob my heart out. I can read other books too...
28. Look at your on this day
9 times out of 10 there's something totally random and hilarious to kick start a memory for you. Sometimes you don't even know what was going on (that happens a lot for me).
29. Do your makeup
Try out some of those looks you've saved on Pinterest and Youtube. 
30. Go on a drive/walk
Find a new place with a pretty view, get out the car (if you drove) wonder round and just breathe in air.

31. Do your hair
Wash it, dry it, curl it, straighten it, braid it, try updo's, dye it, plan a new style, whatever floats your goat. 
32. Exercise 
I really wish I did this more because you feel so great after a good workout! 
33. Giggle
Laugh for no damn reason, like an escapee from an asylum, picture some funny memory and just giggle. 
34. Unplug
Go old school for a few hours, turn off and let your brain chill! 
35. Eat pizza
Pizza solves most of life's big problems.  
36. Blog
Starting a blog is incredibly therapeutic! I feel 100 times better when I can vent it out in a blog post.
37. Cry
Sometimes the best medicine is a good old dramatic cry.  
38. Chat to your baby/dog/cat/hamster
Even though they can't speak back it just feels better to have someone looking at you while you speak.
39. Have a drink
Water, coffee, prosecco... take your pick we wont judge.
40. Visit a friend
Really tough on a bad day but sometimes having a reason to get going is motivational enough. 
41. Hoover
I don't know about you but just hoovering my house makes it look instantly spotless and feels like a great triumph. 
42. Section tidy
Split up the tidying you need to do into small sections ie: the couch, the table, etc.
43. Binge watch a TV show
Be it one you've seen or a new addiction, be proud of going from episode 3 to 22 in a day.
44. Make deals with yourself
Sounds bizarre but hear me out, if you don't feel like doing something, pair it with something you want to do such as 'if I get dressed I can have a coffee'. Don't save treats for good days. 
45. Take your bra off
Admittedly 9 times out of 10 this only works for girls, so for any boys reading this might not actually help you... but taking your bra off just give you a great feeling off relief. 
46. Smile
Psychologists have proven that even faking a smile can boost your mood, making the facial expression which we associate with an emotion triggers something in our brain to allow us to feel that emotion - how clever is that?!
47. Stretch
For me even just having a good stretch can wake me up a bit more and I feel more productive.
48. Cook
Your favourite meal, some cookies, a cake, smelling the yummy smells and eating the mixture before it's cooked - yes!
49. Moan
If the reason for your bad day is being in a mood, have a seriously good moan! Complain to anyone who'll listen it takes a huge weight off you. 
50. Take your own advice
Imagine someone else is feeling how you feel, what would you suggest, what would you tell them, flip it on yourself. 

I know it's a long list but like I said, save it and come back to it when you need to. Or even make your own list and link it below in the comments - I'd love to read it! You may well read this and think 'yeah it's easy for you' but honestly I'm being the worlds biggest hypocrite because I know that any and all of these on every bad day would work for me, but I need to work on that big number 50 and take my own advice.

You are worth more than just a sh*tty day. 



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