Storytime: Better Out Than In

I've decided to introduce this new section in my blog called storytime. It's nothing different really but it's where I can put posts that are mainly stories, not really helpful or reviews or anything, just a recollection of events in my life that I wish to share with you guys. And what better way than to start with this amazing story. Better out than in.

Today marks a really special day for me today. Aria is 27weeks and 4 days today! Woop woop! Now I know that 98.3% of people will read that and think 'so?' 'what's the big deal?' because 27+4 weeks is a completely un-special, un-important, un-appreciated age for babies. Well the big deal is this: Aria was born at 27+3 weeks gestation. So that means that today she has officially been 'out' longer than she was inside of me. It's like when people do those completely gorgeous '9 months in, 9 months out' posts but I never got that. And I also never really got any bump pictures to do my own 27 weeks in 27 weeks out post. So I thought I'd make my own and call it 'Better out than in'. Because she is better out than she was in!

This is the photo my mum got of my gorgeous girl while she was being whisked round to the NICU. 7th September 2016
Later that evening when I was finally allowed to be taken round to see her for the first time. 

Over the past 27 weeks and 4 days my little Staria has learnt to breathe without support, regulate her heartbeat and temperature, gain weight, control her phosphate levels, overcome jaundice, tolerate cuddles and feeds, know when she's hungry, take a dummy, drink from a bottle, grow into and out of premature, tiny baby and newborn clothes, smile, gurgle, recognize her mummy and daddy, play, focus her eyes, kick herself over (once), taste solid foods, hold toys, lift and control her head, sleep through the night, giggle the tiniest giggle and make us the proudest family in the whole entire world (okay she may have been born with that gift).

So I'm sort of going to throw a load of pictures at you now.

It's been tough but I honestly couldn't be prouder of what she has overcome. Aerodynamically, bumblebee's shouldn't be able to fly, however the bumblebee's don't know this so they continue to fly around anyway and that is such a perfect reflection of premature babies! The odds are almost always against them but they have more fight in them than humanly possible and they are born to overcome those odds.

So basically she's my aptly named superbaby Aria Grace.



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