It's Blooming Spring!

Having a baby means that obviously your day revolves around them and their timings. I live my life in 2-3 hour segments between each feed, change, nap, cry, cuddle, and so on. I've felt as if I'm waiting for the next feed, waiting for the next nap, waiting for the next episode, always waiting for next and never being in the now. I've thought of a few small ways in which I can make a change ready for Spring, whilst also working around those 2-3 hour intervals, to really allow me to be here and now. Going for walks, having 'Family Days', always carry around a notebook to jot down anything, having a routine with blogging, chores and self care to name a few. (I'm going to do a full post on these small self care tips soon, watch this space). Oh and there might be a little surprise for you guys at the end of the rainbow that is my 'It's Blooming Spring' post (I'm not really big headed, I'm joking) but keep on reading and you'll find out how generous I'm feeling! 

I think the most important thing for any adjustment to work is that I need to go old school. No electronics. I need to read a book in the bath instead of listening to music. I need to wander around in the fresh air and admire the world instead of constantly scrolling through endless photos of other peoples lives and adventures. I need to get out and actually experience life with my beautiful girl and stop checking the time on my phone worrying when she'll need feeding, which leads me to checking my notifications, replying to emails and texts and so on.

This is where my partnership with JORD comes in to play. I was lucky enough to be contacted by JORD to form this partnership and it couldn't have come at a better time really because like I said, I want to go old school!  I wont lie to you, when I was offered the chance to work with JORD, I was skeptical. I didn't see how a watch review would fit a mum blog. But as it turns out I absolutely needed a watch in my life. I haven't touched my phone to check the time all day and I feel so refreshed just having those few hours playing with my girl and watching TV without needing to use my phone every 5 minuets! I think this watch is the perfect way to accomplish some much needed wireless me time, and lets be honest, you look so much more put together and organised with a watch on your wrist!

So let's just jump right in to it! The first thing I want to talk about is the box. I know it sounds silly because it's not really that important how it is packaged but OH MY GOD. This box. This box is simply beautiful! It, much like the watch, is made out of 100% natural wood. The lid is secured with little magnets that are really strong so it doesn't just slip off which I've found with other watch packaging. And it also has a drawer, which actually really excites me because I didn't expect it to be such an intricite box. In the drawer is a little packet which is to absorb excess moitsure and to keep the watch in good condition (because wood can absorb moisture or dry out) and the top of the box where the watch sits has little slats so the moisture can escape down to the packet - who even thinks of these important details? You also get a little pen with a treatment to preserve the wood of the watch, and a cloth to clean it. Basically everything you think you need for watch care, you've got it!

Now lets get to the fun bit. Talking about my new gorgeous watch. I decided to choose this Reece Series watch in Zebrawood and Emerald because I just couldn't resist that gorgeous green face! This timepiece is EVEN MORE gorgeous in person. Not to say it's not online, but you know what I mean. They'd sized my watch to fit my wrist perfectly and it really does fit perfect! It's really smooth and lightweight I hardly know it's on my wrist and it doesn't constantly slip down which I've found with other watches (which is really annoying). While I'm saying it's light, I don't mean that it feels cheap in any way, because you can definitely feel the quality and the worth when you're wearing it. Even when you just look at it! In case you can't tell, I'm in love. 

The colour of the wood is actually really pretty. A wood watch would never be my first choice but it actually looks really elegant and pretty! It's nice and stands out and I also love that it is absolutely unique because wood doesn't look the same no matter how you cut it. My watches links actually have a little ombre thing going on which just makes it even more perfect. The emerald face really pops against the brown frame and the gold hands, and the clasp is a double one which I've never seen before (took me a second to work out what I was doing) but it adds a little bit more flexibility in to it.

With it having gold hands I thought it would only go with gold jewellery which put a downer on things because I don't really wear much gold. But the JORD turned round once again to save the day and because the hands aren't too 'showy offy' and the lines for the numbers are actually white, it goes perfect when styled with either gold or silver. I've also got a beautiful emerald stone necklace that I bought in Lourdes last year and a gorgeous emerald scarf with elephants on my brother bought me in Sicily that my lovely timepiece goes with as well - yay! And it also goes perfectly with my amber bracelet featured in my previous post  (Double yay)! 

I couldn't recommend getting a JORD Wooden Watch more! I feel like I'm overselling this but it really, honestly is amazing and I am definitely going to be buying from them in the future, and by the looks of things, Aria will be wanting one too! She is now half way to one year! So have some photos of her with my new favourite accessory. 

(She's definitely got an eye for expensive things). 

Now for my generosity to kick in. Together JORD and I have created a contest for you guys. All you need to do is click this link and enter your name and email on the page! From there you will be entered into the contest where the winner will receive a $100 gift code to use on the JORD website towards your own stunning wooden timepiece! If I were you, I'd not enter because I never, and I mean NEVER win anything. But in this contest, because I know how you feel when you don't win, JORD will send you a 'consolation code' of $25 so really what have you got to lose? 
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