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As I said in my previous post, Aria is now in the early stages of teething - great. She's so unsettled and due to her prematurity I'd always been so weary of giving her pain relief such as Calpol or Nurofen. Eventually after about a week of endless screaming, tears and sleep deprived grumpiness (from both me and Aria) I gave in and decided to try some teething gel. It almost instantly relieved her pain and she settled. For about 20 minutes. Which of course is not ideal. So I tried some 'Ashton and Parsons teething powder' which had been highly recommended by nearly everyone I'd spoken to. Again it almost instantly relieved her but she had already worked herself up so much that not much could console her. I had to cuddle her, bounce her, pat her bum, let her hold my fingers, make sure she had her dummy and could hold Dave (her favourite toy crocodile) all at once before she would calm - talk about needing 8 arms
A lot of people had suggested these 'Amber bracelets' to help with teething pain and I wont lie, I was extremely skeptical about them and their ability to actually be an effective pain relief for my baby. After putting it off for a few more days I was given a fabulous opportunity to work with Baby J's Amber. Baby J's is a fully registered business run by mummy's who sell uniquely handcrafted anklets, bracelets and necklaces made from the finest Baltic Amber. All jewellery is available in a wide variety of sizes and colours which I think is quite fab because there's so much to choose from, its not just all Amber coloured. 

Each bead is attached to the piece and secured with a knot on each side to prevent breaking, and if the product should end up snapping for any reason, due to the knots being there the beads wouldn't scatter. Obviously any jewellery with small parts can be a choking hazard so it is recommended that your baby never wears it without your supervision. Baby J's send you a little leaflet with all the health and safety tips on which is incredibly useful because some of the things on there you wouldn't think of! Like I said there are so many options to choose from and I found that really difficult to choose one I wanted. 

I really loved the Ombre anklet but as I scrolled through their lists of products I found the perfect one for us! As you probably know from our matching hats, I love it when Aria has matching outfits or accessories as me. And that's why this beauty caught my eye instantly! Cognac and Turquoise Mummy & Child Set. Perfect or what? I loved the colours, not too dark, compliment each other beautifully, fresh and light considering we're heading into spring and I get to have one that matches? Yes please! 

(Look at her little toe curling round, too cute!) Aria appeared to calm quite easily when I put it on her, I don''t know if it was sort of a little shock to have something new on her but it stopped her wails of pain for a while so who's to complain! I put it on my ankle under her clothes in the day when I'm with her but of a night I take it off in case she ended up pulling it off and trying to eat it or something. You never know what these babies can do. 

Alongside the Amber, I thought it'd be good to get her a teething toy as well. Most, well, all of the teethers I have for Aria are way too big for her tiny mouth. I was so in love with all the toys, especially this Natural Wooden Personalised Teething Rattle. I really wanted this gorgeous toy for her but I knew it'd be way too big for her and would be useless - even if it is stunning. Then I came across this fabulous Elephant Teether with a Beaded Clip. And I was sold, it's no secret that I have an unhealthy obsession with elephants so regardless of if it was good for Aria, I wanted this! I'm joking of course, I took into account if it would be useful for her and thought because it was quite flat, she would be able to chew on a leg or trunk. Much better than other teethers I have because they're just too chunky. 

On the whole I'd definitely recommend buying products from Baby J's Amber, I think I need some of their sensory toys next and maybe when she's bigger I will go back for that gorgeous personalised rattle teether. If you have a teething baby, give Baby J's a try and use my special discount code 'heywhinge' for 10% off your order! If you try any of their products let me know what you think or if you have tried some different ones from them again let me know! I like trying new things, especially if they are easing my baby girl's pain. 



  1. What beautiful bracelets! I got an amber bracelet recently for my bubs, and planned to put it on his ankle.....but his little ankle is a bit too chubby for that. Hah!
    Hope it helps with the teething!

  2. I love the elephant teether. I'd be interested to know if you notice any difference with the anklet.


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