That's a Wrap!

One of my mum friends (I feel so cool saying mum friends, how sad is that) had been going on about these baby slings for ages. I already had this baby carrier so I didn't see the fuss in getting one of these wrap things. Man, was I wrong! She told me about the one she bought and how it was one sale, which obviously instantly got my attention. Get something new for Aria and can justify it with it being half price? Hell yes!

I ordered the Cuddle Bug baby wrap carrier Amazon and got it on next day delivery which is brill considering that I ordered it on Sunday evening and received it Monday morning. I was really, pathetically, excited to get this (I'm such a mum now). I opened up the box and pulled out this little cotton bag, sort of like a sleeping bag but mini. I undid the ties and pulled out the wrap which is way longer that I expected it to be - like it's more than the length of my house.

Anyway, it came with a set of instructions which were really clear and helpful because my god, there's no way I would have been able to get this contraption on without them. It's a bit fiddly but I think the more you do it the easier it gets definitely. There's also so many ways in which you can wear it. I only use the newborn hold at the moment because Aria is still too small for any other! But there's loads on YouTube and Pinterest that show you how to do them.

Because Aria is a refluxy baby she likes to be upright. She often falls asleep being winded or will only settle on our chest, so having something that holds her against my chest but means I can still have my two arms free and can move around is like hitting the jackpot! I put it on, after a few attempts to get it feeling really secure, and grabbed my screaming child (no changes there then). It's quite confusing the first time to actually get them into it, well it was for me; but after disturbing her, shoving her legs and bum into this weird cloth thing attached to me, she pulled her head up and stopped crying. She stared at me for a while and looked round as if to say 'how am I on your chest while you're standing up?!'. I got a tad worried about her head being unsupported while she was determined to keep it up with her superbaby neck strength, but after a while she placed her head against me and fell asleep! Just like that! Poof, sleep. No desperately trying to fight it. No watching her head bob and eyes droop for ages willing her to give in. No endless bouncing or rocking or shushing. Just sleep. I'm not exaggerating when I honestly felt like I'd found the best product ever invented; after dummies of course.

My other baby carrier was much thicker, like a baby backpack. So when she was in it I couldn't really get much done, I wasn't free to move around and I was very conscious of her getting too hot. This one was thin, I could bend and move and didn't have to worry about her at all! And it's sooo comfy. The material is so soft and I really felt like she was safe and comfortable cuddled up against my body. Oh and did I mention you have TWO ARMS FREE? That's right people. You heard it. Two arms to do whatever you wanted. I had no idea what to do with this new found freedom. No longer did I have to sneak around terrified a creaky floorboard would disturb my girls slumber. No longer did I have to tiptoe round my own house and rush back into the room to make sure she hadn't noticed I'd gone. No longer did I have to attempt to make a bottle one handed with a screaming child in the other. Those days were over, I felt like I could rule the world with my two arms.

I will say, she had a lovely 1 hour long sleep on me, then started to stir. I'm not sure if it's the timing I put her in and she gets hungry after that hour-ish. Or if she can only last about an hour cuddled up that close and warm but I usually have to take her out and give her a little stretch or feed around the hour mark to make sure she's not too hot or squashed. But then she's happy to go back in when we've had our bottle and play! It's just great guys, you should all definitely have one of these, and did I mention they're on sale? Half price! Can't complain at that can you.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, I wrote this review to simply tell people how good I think this product is. I have not been paid and these links are not affiliate links. I just wish to help out other parents who didn't know how good this product could be. 



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