Baby Shadow Box

For ages now I've been seeing these 'how to' videos of memory shadow boxes to display babies first clothes, hospital tag, weight, date and what have you. As Aria was a NICU baby I thought I could do one to show her tiny nappy, clothes, dummy etc. I had a look on Pinterest (because everything is on Pinterest) and loads of people had had the same idea! I was really excited to start it and I needed to get some crafty bits for her scrapbook and sensory board anyway, so I hit the shops, got my supplies and got going. You could actually do this for next to no money basically only buying the shadow box then it is just using all their own things, but I just wanted to add a few little details to make it really pretty and decorative.

The things I collected for Aria's box were:
- Shadow Box
Any size, colour, shape, whatever tickles your fancy.
- Hospital Tag
I'm quite lucky that I have about 35 million of these things from each hospital, I used one from each hospital and kept all the others in her memory box.
- First Clothes/Hat
It's kind of up to you if you want to use the actual first clothes they wore, Aria wasn't allowed to wear clothes straight away only vests and she was a fair few weeks old before we could do that so I just chose one I liked that she wore and that shows how small she was (even though the clothes were too big for her anyway). I also added in some little booties that my aunty made for her which she only got to put one on once.
- Photo
An obvious one, one of their first photos, put in their scan picture if you want. I decided to not include a photo in the end; 1. because I ran out of room and 2. because while my first photo of her is precious to me, it doesn't always hold happy memories for me so didn't put it in there.
- Blanket
I found one of her blankets from hospital that I used for a background.
- Nappy
Obviously this isn't a used nappy but again as a way to show how tiny she was, I put this in there.
- Hospital keepsakes
I got out her cpap hat, cpap mask, wires, probes, etc but in the end I only included her first dummy and her cpap mask because the others took up too much room! So they're in her memory box aswell.
- Craft bits and bobs
I collected things like coloured card, ribbons, mini pegs, card, pens, glue (of all kinds), string, scissors, washi tape, double sided pads and tape and a book of patterned paper.

I doodled and played with some fonts and handwriting styles and accents. I found one I liked and made a little card with her date of birth, time of birth and weight. I also measured out some triangles to make bunting with her name on, glued all the bits together and pegged the triangles on a piece of ribbon.

Next was to make the background. I worked out that for the size of the shadow box I bought, two pieces of A4 card laid horizontal and overlapped fit perfectly so I glued them together to create my base to work on. I used two pieces from my patterned paper book with little love hearts on them as they matched my colour scheme perfectly, and placed them in the corners of the card base. I secured them together with a piece of washi tape and glued them down. Over the gap left across the background I decided to use the blanket from hospital, I folded it over until it was the right shape and size and secured it in place with double sided tape (I didn't think this would work and thought I'd need fabric glue or super glue, but this tape is the best thing ever and literally sticks everything, even my scissors when I was cutting it).

The edges of the blanket looked really shabby so I stuck some ribbon (using my fab double sided tape) over the edges to neaten it up which looked really effective. I played around with a few arrangements of all the bits to make sure it was perfect and then I stuck it down using, guess what? double sided sticky pads!

And as they say 'Et voilĂ '!



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