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Hey! So I know I have been ridiculously slacking this week but it's been a busy one for me, a poorly baby after her immunisations, a very messy house, a man flu type cold (for me - oops!), and lots of things to sort out and organize in regards to my blog and more importantly this post. I can't quite put into words just how excited I am to introduce this post series to you guys! I 100% support collaborating with other bloggers, whether its working together to create posts, hosting competitions and giveaways, sharing ideas and advice or even just commenting on and sharing each others stuff. It makes me realize how supportive and lovely the blogging community really is and how we all thrive when others progress and succeed. I had the idea of collaborating, but had no idea how, with who or what we would do if they accepted as I'm fairly new to the whole concept of it all. Then I met Brittany.

Brittany is the sweetest little mumma bear over in America (how cool!). I contacted her with my collab idea, after reading her blog about her gorgeous twin girls Auri and Ellie. After many ideas passed around we decided upon this fabulous blog series for you lovely lot where we compare motherhood in the USA to the UK. I just love how much we hit it off like I have with many other mums due to blogging! It's so great to see mums across the world working together and encouraging one another, I just love it because as a first time mum I definitely seek out advice and similar stories to mine so I can compare and relate. 

Let me give you a proper intro to Brittany's background story. Well actually I'll let Brittany:
'My name is Brittany Nelson and I live in Utah in the United states.' (little side note: who else secretly wishes they could live in America, even if it was just for a day?) 'It is so beautiful here!' (rubbing it in much?) 'I am 23 years old and became a mom at 22. I was born and raised here and attended high school in the same town I live now! Nothing exciting I know! I danced in high school and graduated in 2012. I attended college at a community college nearby where I was part of the collegiate dance team! I met my now husband in the spring of 2013, my first year at college, and we got engaged that fall! We got married in December 2013. I graduated with my associates degree after three years, in 2015, I took a little longer than most to finish but I did!! I got off of birth control that June 2015 and got pregnant in August! We welcomed two baby girls, Auri Anne and Ellie Perry into our lives on April 20, 2016! Since then I have just been trying to survive motherhood and loving every second! They are now almost 9 months old!'

Obviously our stories are different anyway - full term twins to premature one. But the fact we are across the pond from each other also causes differences in the way we are expected to parent, the products we use, the medical care we receive etc. So that's why this posting series will be so exciting and fun not only for you guys to read (I hope) but for us to actually write and work on! Our USA to UK Edit will go live every Thursday at 6.30pm (GMT UK time) which is 11.30am (GMT-7 Utah, USA time) on alternating blogs. We've both posted this week as it's our little introduction piece for you all to get to know the what's and who's of it all. Next week's post will be on Brittany's blog The Nelson Nest. Don't worry, I'll be reminding you! 



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