The USA to UK Edit: Pregnancy

'Then when you go into labour you expect to feel that same rush of emotions all over again. Excitement, worry, joy and fear. The 'who will he/she look like?', 'is it a boy or a girl?', 'what name shall we call them?'. You never expect to have to worry about their safety or well health. You never expect to be begging with pleading with God and the doctors surrounding you to get your baby here safe and sound. You never expect your labour will take days only to result in them needing to perform an emergency cesarean section. And you never expect it all to happen at 27 weeks of pregnancy.'

Read my story of welcoming Aria into the world in full over on The Nelson Nest, where Brittany will be comparing our pregnancies from USA to UK!

Next week our USA to UK Edit will be about our labours. My scary unexpected premature birth and Brittany's twin labour here on Hey Whinge! The difference in care and procedures from America to England and also twin mummy's vs singular mummy's. See you then!



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