Journey so far

This post is different from my usual 'woe is me' posts about being a preemie mum (I promise, soon there will be happier ones). My fabulous boyfriend, Aria's daddy, makes videos. I am fully aware I am biased but he is incredibly talented and his videos usually grab a lot of attention and views. All be it Conn usually makes videos about UFC fighters, not NICU ones; so this is a tad different for him! Regardless of that, when we were in hospital I suggested the idea that we collect all our videos and photos of our little superstar's journey and he make a video.

Obviously this isn't all of the footage we have of Aria as it would've ended up as a feature length film! I watch this all the time and it still reduces me to a blubbering mess. I would suggest you make your own video or drop a message to a video maker you know, or even contact Connor (contact detailss below) to make one for you because they are an incredible keepsake to show our little miracles when they're big miracles!

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